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Januarysakura joins the band as their new drummer. Start pre-production work for the recording.
MarchStart the recording of their first album "DUNE".
11the band perform a live "SONIC GIG" at Ebisu Guilty.
(The tickets sold to only 250 limited fans through mail order.)
10Debut album "DUNE"'s special artwork version release under
limited version of 10,000 through mail order.
14They join the live event "Kareinaru Mashou" at Shibuya Kokaido
271st album "DUNE" release
Other than the special version, they contain a bunus track and are distributed through retailers.
03Perform at "Subliminal Vision" presented by Rock'n f
31"DUNE" make their initial entry as No.1 on Oricon indies chart.
14Their first tour "Close by DUNE" starts on 14th, from WOODY STREET, Hiroshima.
15DRUM-Be1, Hakata
20CLUB GIO, Ichikawa
22Ban Ban V4, Kanazawa
23Club Junk Box, Niigata
25YAMAHA Hall, Sendai
26Quarter, Aomori
297th Avenue, Yokohama
01Heartland Studio, Nagoya
03Namba Rockets, Osaka
01Tour "Close by DUNE FINAL" at NISSIN POWER STATION (tickets all sold out)
21Video "TOUCH OF DUNE" release
09Tour "FEEL OF DUNE" starts at Muse Hall, Kyoto.
11Ban Ban V4, Kanazawa
12Live House J, Nagano
14Club Junk Box, Niigata
15Club Junk Box, Niigata
19DRUM-Be1, Hakata
20Jyuramu TOPS, Oita
27Nippon Seinen-kan, Tokyo
29W'OHOL, Osaka
10Club Quatro, Nagoya
12Rattan, Maebashi
17Beeb Basement Theater, Sendai
18Quarter, Aomori
20Penny Lane 24, Sapporo