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Januaryyukihiro officially joins the band
288th single "winter fall" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
(Image song for TV Asahi Network drama "Chicago Hope 2")
255th album "HEART" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
("Shout at the Devil" Commercial image song for Daihatsu "move" -included in album "HEART")
("milky way" Theme song for TBS Network "Wonderful"-included in album "HEART")
259th single "DIVE TO BLUE" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
(Commercial image song for "NTT Personal Kansai")
(Ending theme song for TBS Network "Tokusou!Geinou Police kun")
01Nationwide Tour starts from Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo "L'Arc~en~Ciel'98 Heart ni hi wo tsukero!"(First Half)
03Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall
05Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Harbor Land Plaza
07Wakayama Shimin Kaikan(large)
09Hikone Shimin Kaikan
12Nagano-ken Kenmin Bunka Kaikan
14Toyama Overd Hall
15Kanazawa-shi Kanko Kaikan
19Niigata Kenmin Kaikan
21Tokuyama-shi Bunka Kaikan
24Kurashiki Shimin Kaikan
26Kagawa-ken Kenmin Hall
28Tottori Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Kaikan
30Ichikawa-shi Bunka Kaikan
02Nagasaki-shi Kokaido
04Kumamoto Shimin Kaikan
05Kagoshima-ken Bunka Center
14Yamagata-ken Kenmin Kaikan
16Akita Kenmin Kaikan
17Gunma Kenmin Kaikan
22Utsunomiya-shi Bunka Kaikan
24Asahikawa Shimin Bunka Kaikan
25Obihiro Shimin Bunka Hall
27 Kushiro Shimin Bunka Kaikan
29Act City Hamamatsu(large)
01Kochi Kenmin Bunka Hall
02Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan
07Ibaraki Kenmin Bunka Center
08Ohmiya Sonic City
"HONEY" "Kasou" "Shinshoku-lose control-" First ever to release 3 singles at once
*July 27th Oricon chart : #1"HONEY" #2"Shinshoku-lose control-")
("HONEY" Theme song for TBS Network"Super Soccer")
("HONEY" Commercial image song "NTT Personal Kansai")
("Kasou" Ending theme for TV Asahi Network"Shinsou Kyumei! Uwasa no File")
("Shinshoku-lose control-" Included in the original soundtrack"GODZILLA THE ALBUM"
for movie"GODZILLA")
11Yokkaichi-shi Bunka Kaikan
12Gifu Shimin Kaikan
14Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan
17Urawa-shi Bunka Center
21Okinawa Convention Center
03Nationwide Tour "L'Arc~en~Ciel'98 Heart ni hi wo tsukero!" second half starts from Yokohama Arena
04Yokohama Arena
11Fukuoka Sunpalace Hall
12Fukuoka Sunpalace Hall
14Osakajo Hall
15Osakajo Hall
18Sendai Sunplaza Hall
19Sendai Sunplaza Hall
21Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan
22Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan
26Hiroshima Yubinchokin Hall
27Hiroshima Yubinchokin Hall
30Nagoya Rainbow Hall
01Nagoya Rainbow Hall
05Nippon Budokan
Starts airing Nippon Broadcasting System program "OH! DAIBA TO BLUE"
(Every Monday-Friday 23:20-23:30 / program ends in December)
06Nippon Budokan
0713th single "snow drop" release
(Theme song for Fuji TV Network "Hashire!Police woman!")
1414th single "forbidden lover" release
(Theme song for Nihon TV Network "Shitterutsumori!?")
*October 26th Oricon chart : #1"forbidden lover" #2"snow drop"
*Followed by July 26th Oricon chart, first in history for an artist to dominate #1 and #2 twice!
151999 OFFICIAL CALENDER on sale
17Osakajo Hall(Additional show)
20Kokurirtsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Daiichi Taiikukan(Additional show)
21Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Daiichi Taiikukan(Additional show)
(47 venues, 56 performances, 230,000 people / all tickets SOLD OUT in minutes!)
21Receive Yomiuri TV Network 31st Zennihon Yusenhousou Gold Request Grand Prix!
04Trading card perfect collection on sale
(117 kinds, including the "Limited Edition" <54 kinds> only sold at live concerts)
23Live video "Heart ni hi wo tsukero!" release
*#1 on Oricon video chart for 4 weeks in a row!
(Sell over 350,000 units, which is exceptional for a music video!)
Latter halfL'Arc~en~Ciel Official Goods Collection First series on sale
31Receive 40th THE JAPAN RECORD AWARD Excellency Award! (TBS Network)
Perform at 49th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen for the first time