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24GIG "Ciel / winter '95" starts at Osaka International Exchange Center,
in commemoration of the form of the band's fan club.
25Namba Rockets, Osaka
30Shibuya Kokaido
01The official fan club "Ciel" is established.
04Shibuya Kokaido
26Recording starts for their 3rd album and single
21Video single "and She Said" release
Tour "in CLUB '95" starts at VOGUE, Kumagai
23CLUB GIO, Ichikawa
26Live House J, Nagano
27Ban Ban V4, Kanazawa
29Club Quatro, Osaka
02Onion Studio, Kitami
03REVEL Obihiro
05Kanamori Hall, Hakodate
07AUN Hall, Morioka
09Session Showa, Yamagata
11Muse Hall, Kyoto
13Live House Jyango, Kumamoto
14SR Studio, Kagoshima
16Juramu TOPS, Oita
18Paper Land, Okayama1
20Salon Kitty, Matsuyama
21ZE-YO, Kochi
24Club Quatro, Nagoya
(The band tour 19 cities on the car. The total transportation mileage is 9575,6 miles)
(They stop their peroformance in the middle of the concert for four times)
062nd single "Vivid Colors" release
(The ending theme for NTV "Guru Guru Ninty Nine")
(The c/w "Brilliant Years" is used as the ending theme of NTV "Shin Dora")
22Perform in "SHOCK AGE SPECIAL '95" at Shibuya Kokaido
30Perform in the pre-night campaign event "Rendez-vous" taking place in August at Shibuya Kokaido
(The performance is announced on the day on the video screen at Shibuya Hachiko-mae crossing
and over 1,000 fans gather at the crossing.)
01Recording starts for 3rd single "Natsu no Yu-utsu [time to say good-bye]"
22Perform with Kuroyume and Yellow Monkey at "Sai no kuni,
Chichibu Muse Concert '95 NACK-5 GO-ROCK"
24The band start the Nationwide Campaign event, "Rendez-vous 1995 Summer"
Daiichi 7F, Satellite Studio, Hiroshima (ken and sakura)
Fades, Niigata (hyde and tetsuya)
25Fan Q Hall, Okayama (ken and sakura)
26Penny Lane 24, Sapporo(hyde and tetsuya)
27Diamond Hall, Nagoya(hyde and tetsuya)
Matsumoto Record Yellow Studio, Kumamoto(ken and sakura)
28Bayside Place, Fukuoka(ken and sakura)
29Beeb Basement Theater, Sendai(hyde and tetsuya)
30Roppongi Art Forum, Tokyo (all members)
31IMP Hall, Osaka
013rd album "heavenly" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.3
08Tour "heavenly '95" starts at Sendai Shimin Kaikan (all tickets sold out)
10Sapporo Factory Hall
12Fades, Niigata
14Scara Espassio, Fukuoka
16Aster Plaza, Hiroshima
18Osaka International Exchange Center
19Osaka International Exchange Center
21Kinrou Kaikan, Aichi
03Their first regular hosting program "Midnight Rock City" starts on radio NACK5,
a-station (ends at March '96)
04NHK Hall
213rd single "Natsu no Yu-utsu [time to say good-bye]" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.15
(Ending theme of TBS "M-Navi")
22Appear on TV Asahi "Music Station"
21Perform at the live program on Chukyo TV "Kiss Me Live"
12Tour "The other side of heavenly '95" starts at Bayside Jenny, Osaka
13Bottomline, Nagoya
23 - 25Tie-up event with Toshimaen Theme Park
(Those who bring the cover artwork of single "Natsu no Yu-utsu [time to say good-bye]"
will have a free entry to the park. The first 20,000 people receive a memorial card.
At the special theater "Dream Dome", the band's special video clip is shown)
(The fans are invited over the radio program in advance, therefore many fans surround
the venue who tried to get in.)
24The band perform live at the radio program "MIDNIGHT ROCK CITY" at NACK 5
Their first official photo book "heavenly christmas box" release - with "heavenly"
music box version CD
27Nippon Budokan (The tickets are sold out in 28 minutes)