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20Document photo book from live of 1998 "L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE" release from Shueisha
Latter halfL'Arc~en~Ciel Official Goods Collection Second series on sale
20An all-shot in overseas photo book "L'Arc~en~Ciel LIFE" release from Shueisha
01Receive 36th Golden Arrow Awards Music Award Grand Prix! (TV Asahi Network)
Single "Kasou" "HONEY" "snow drop" - receive Song of the Year!
Album "HEART" - receive Rock Album of the Year!
29"What is love" (included in the album "ark")(Theme song for TBS Network "Express")
03Nippon Broadcasting System program "OH! DAIBA TO BLUE"
Renewal start(25:50 - 15 minutes/ends in June)
10-Appeare on Suntory Can Coffee "Boss Seven" commercial series!
(Following President Clinton, K-1, Takanohana)
18Appear as live regular guest on TV Asahi Newtowrk "Inazuma! London Hearts"
(Every Sunday 19:56-)
15th single "HEAVEN'S DRIVE" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
0216th single "Pieces" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
(Commercial image song for "SOTEC PC e-one")
19-"It's the end" Commercial image song for Playstation game "Grandia"
(included in album "ray")
016th album "ark", 7th album "ray" dual release
(7 Asian countries release on the same day; Japan, Taiwan,
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine!)
("ark"→#1 on Oricon album chart July 12th/19th two weeks in a row!)
("ray"→#2 on Oricon album chart July 12th/19th two weeks in a row!)
Limited 62 days Special Website( open!
MiddleOfficial band score "ark""ray" dual release
17"1999 GRAND CROSS TOUR" starts from Osaka Cosmos Square special stage
18Osaka Cosmos Square special stage
24Fukuoka Marinoa
25Fukuoka Marinoa
31Appi Kogen special stage
01Appi Kogen special stage
07Makomanai Open Stadium
08Makomanai Open Stadium
1117th single "Driver's High" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.2
(Opening theme song for Fuji TV Network Anime "GTO")
VIDEO / DVD "CHRONICLE" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
"A PIECE OF REINCARNATION" "Heart ni hi wo tsukero!" release on DVD
14Port Messe Nagoya special stage
15Port Messe Nagoya special stage
21Tokyo Bigsight parking lot special stage
22 Tokyo Bigsight parking lot special stage
(6 venues, 12 performances / 650,000 people)
04TOKYO FM Network Yamada Hisashi no Radiunlimited "FLYING L'Arc ATTACK!"
(Every Monday-Friday 22:20-22:30)
16-"LOVE FLIES" Theme song for TV Asahi Network drama"Aoi Tori Syndrome"
"Ibara no namida"(included in album "ray") also used as the theme song for the drama
25"LOVE FLIES" Commercial image song for Canon "Wonder BJ"
2718th single "LOVE FLIES" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
20"trick" Commercial image song for TU-KA Celluar Tokyo / Tokai "EZ-web Tanjo Campagin"
(Included in album "ray")
01LIVE Video and DVD "1999 GRAND CROSS CONCLUSION" release
07Receive Best Dresser Award 1999!
31Countdown Live "RESET>>LIVE*000" at Tokyo Bigsight Higashitenjikan Hall
(Live 35,000 people / Virtual Live 20,000 people)