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14 Music Clip collection "CHRONICLE 0-ZERO-" release
March "Feeling Fine" (included in album "SMILE") chosen as Kirin Beer's commercial song in Taiwan
30 Chaku-Uta download service for new single "SEVENTH HEAVEN" starts
*Karaoke service also starts in collaboration with JOYSOUND
30 Release of 30th single "SEVENTH HEAVEN" *#1 on the Oricon chart during 1st week of release
(Chosen as the theme for TV program NTV "Sports Urugusu")
11 Nationwide Hall Tour "Are you ready? 2007 Mata Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero!" kicks off at Yokosuka Arts Theatre
13 Koriyama City Cultural Center
15 Akita Kenmin Kaikan
16 Iwate Kenmin Kaikan
19 Nagano-ken Kenmin Bunka Kaikan
20 Niigata Kenmin Kaikan
24 Kagawa-ken Kenmin Hall
25 Ehime Kenmin Bunka Kaikan
27 Shimane Kenmin Kaikan
29 Hiroshima Koseinenkin Kaikan
30 Hiroshima Koseinenkin Kaikan
02 Kobe Kokusai Kaikan
03 Wakayama Kenmin Bunka Kaikan
06 Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hal
07 Hikone-shi Bunka Plaza
09 Ohmiya Sonic City
12 Hakodate Shimin Kaikan
14 Obihiro Shimin Bunka Hall
15 Asahikawa Shimin Bunka Kaikan
18 Ishikawa Koseinenkin Kaikan
19 Toyama Aubade Hall
23 Ohita iichiko Culture Center
24 Nagasaki Brick Hall
26 Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall
28 Performed at "INCHEON PENTAPORT ROCK FESTIVAL 2007” (Korea) *As the very first Japanese headliner
01 Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan
03 Ichihara-shi Shimin Kaikan
06 Act City Hamamatsu
07 Nagaragawa Convention Center
15 Miyagi Kenmin Kaikan
16 Miyagi Kenmin Kaikan
18 Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
19 Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
25 FujiQ Highland Conifer Forest
26 FujiQ Highland Conifer Forest
29 Release of 31st single "MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM" *#1 on the Oricon chart during 1st week of release
(TV Commercial image song for SUBARU “LEGACY”)
Okinawa Convention Theater
30 Okinawa Convention Theater
12 Release of Live DVD "15th L'Anniversary Live" *#1 on the Oricon chart during 1st week of release
10 Release of 32nd Single "DAYBREAK'S BELL" *#1 on the Oricon chart during 1st week of release
(Theme song for“MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM OO(Double O)”)
14 Release of 33rd Single "Hurry Xmas" *#2 on the Oricon chart during 1st week of release
21 Release of 11th Album "KISS" *#1 on the Oricon chart during 1st week of release
Voted #1 by users as "Best Album of 2007" on Yahoo! Music!
03 MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM' chosen as the commercial song for Glico (chocolate) in China
04 Download service for album "KISS" starts on iTunes USA
05 Publication of official full score book "KISS" by Sony Magazines
21 Official band score "KISS" release from Sony Magazines
22 "TOUR 2007-2008 THEATER OF KISS" kicks off at Saitama Super Arena
23 Saitama Super Arena