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01"NEO UNIVERSE" Commercial image song for Shiseido "Pienu"
Unreleased in Japan "get out from the shell" Commercial image song for Toyota
(This commercial is O.A. as a campaign targeted at young people throughout Asia
1919th single "NEO UNIVERSE / finale" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.1
(Double A side maxi single)
22-"finale" Theme song, "hole"(Maxi single "NEO UNIVERSE / finale" c/w) track in movie
for Toho movie "Ring0-Birthday"
(Single "HEAVEN'S DRIVE" -receive Song of the Year!)
(Single "NEO UNIVERSE / finale" album "ark" "ray" -receive Rock Album of the Year!)
16-Canon "Wonder BJ" Commercial image song
Renewed from "LOVE FLIES" to "finale"
07Start sending latest news from NTT Docomo i-mode and J-PHONE J-Sky Web
17Chakushin Melody Service starts for New track "STAY AWAY(release date, title undecided at that time)"
(Distribute 200,000 flyers on Chakushin Melody data at record shops throughout Japan)
21L'Arc~en~Ciel Official Fan Club name changed from "Ciel" to "LE-CIEL"
17Start sending latest news from IDO・Celluar・TU-KA EzWeb Service
(Start service at all cell phone companies )
28Re-mix album "ectomorphed works" release
301998 summer Post card size of "L'Arc~en~Ciel LIGHT MY FIRE"
(which is sold exclusively at convenient stores) on sale
(released from SHINKO MUSIC)
01New single (to be released on 19th) "STAY AWAY" Commercial image song fro Shiseido "Pienu"
1920th single "STAY AWAY" release *Oricon chart first appearance No.2
A human game where hyde deformed and designed the members, and where the characters run
"Gekitotsu! Tomalaruku"(PlayStation game) release
22Live performance at TOKYO FM Shibuya Spainzaka Studio "Count Down Station"
308th album "REAL" release
Official band score "LOVE FLIES" "NEO UNIVERSE" "STAY AWAY" release
20Official band score "REAL" release
08Live House Tour "CLUB CIRCUIT 2000 REALIVE" starts from Akasaka BLITZ
09Akasaka BLITZ
16Zepp Sendai
17Zepp Sendai
19Zepp Tokyo
20Zepp Tokyo
23Zepp Sapporo
24Zepp Sapporo
26Zepp Osaka
27Zepp Osaka
(5 venues, 10 performances)
MiddleOfficial band score "niji" "winter fall" "DIVE TO BLUE" "HONEY"
"Kasou" "Shinshoku ~lose control~" release
04Dome tour "TOUR 2000 REAL" starts from Nagoya Dome
05Nagoya Dome
11Osaka Dome
12Osaka Dome
18Fukuoka Dome
19Fukuoka Dome
Latter HalfOfficial band score "snow drop" "forbidden lover"
"HEAVEN'S DRIVE" "Pieces" "Driver's High" release
02Tokyo Dome
03Tokyo Dome
05Tokyo Dome
A limited time site is opened for the Tokyo Dome gig, and streamed live on "yahoo!Broadcast"
06Tokyo Dome
Live coverage of "L'Arc~en~Ciel TOUR 2000 REAL" on Sky Perfect TV!
hyde・tetsuya・ken・yukihiro each has their own channel
(Also streamed live on cell phone service "LE-CIEL NET" for the first time in history)
(4 venues, 10 performances / 411,000 people)